CMAC provides alibration service for measurement means used in national economy through Laboratory of calibration, accredited according SM EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (certificate of accreditation No. LE-001).

The Calibration Laboratory is the first accredited laboratory in the Republic of Moldova (date of initial accreditation August 19, 2015)

The Calibration Laboratory of CMAC seeks to develop new techniques and solutions of calibrations, using highly qualified technical staff and capable equipment and always trying to keep modern, optimised laboratory premises, duly prepared for calibration and measurement operations, to achieve the best results

Fields of measurement ( masses, thermometry, and geometrical sizes) are mentioned in the scope of accreditation of the laboratory.

  1. If you require a calibration, please discuss your requirements with the relevant contact person who will assist in defining the scope of the work required and  provide a written work order agreement that outlines the cost and time frame for the job.  This must be signed and returned before any work can begin. Work order agreement.
  2. Handing over the measurement mean to Reception. Measurement means must be presented undamaged, in good functioning \ with the last calibration certificat and auxiliary devices required for calibration.
  3. Maximum term of calibration work is (30) thirty working days, once payment for service was done (or on basis of guarantee letter).
  4. The result of calibration is recorded in a document, called a calibration certificate.

NOTE: Services provided by metrological subdivisions of CMAC are initiated from the day of payment for service cost.

For more details, regarding the calibration service, please contact us by the following phone numbers:
(+373 22) 218 479
(+373 22) 218 481
(+373 22) 218 480

Laborator Principal : (+373 22) 218 484, e-mail: