Management System Certification

CMAC is a service provider in the field of certification of management systems.

CMAC has been accredited as certification body for Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9001 and for Food Safety Management System based on ISO 22000.

For this service area, CMAC has been accredited by the National Accreditation Body of Moldova (MOLDAC) – Accreditation Certificate № OCsmc – 01, OCsmsa – 01 of 30.05.2019

Services provided:

  • management system certification, including information and planning sessions, document examination, auditing and tracking the nonconformities;
  • training and seminars in order to assure the quality of management system;
  • conducting the preliminary activities to the audit, in order to determine the level of preparation of company for evaluation;
  • conducting the audits by second and third parties according to other standards of regulation;

The services provided by the Certification Body are accessible to all applicants. There are no financial or others conditions to request service (as the size of the company or the its membership to any association or group).

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For more information on our range of quality management systems, contact us: +373 218 489,

CMAC is accredited to provide third-party certification services by the National Accreditation Body of Moldova (MOLDAC)

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CMAC offers a comprehensive range of quality management system services to internationally recognized standards.
These include:

  • Quality Management ISO 9001 the most popular management system standard in world, is designed to improve customer satisfaction levels, internal efficiency and process consistency. It can be used by any organization, large or small, regardless of its field of activity including manufacturing, services, institutions, health or any other sector. The standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.
  • Food Safety Management Systems ISO 22000  sets out requirements for food safety management systems that are applicable to all sectors of the food industry. It can be used by any organization regardless of its size or position in the food chain. It maps out what an organization needs to do to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe.

Service delivered: certification of quality management systems based on ISO 9001 and Food Safety Management System based on ISO 22000.

Beneficiary: any legal entity, from Moldova, that want to certify the management system.

The service is delivered on the basis of the an agreement or a request (application form).
The application form may be submitted to the Certification Body by email: or at the office: 28, Eugen Coca street, Chisinau).

Key steps in our certification process are:

  • Definition of certification scope.
  • Pre-audit (optional): gap analysis and diagnosis of your current position against standard.
  • Certification audit performed in 2 stages :
  • Stage 1. Readiness review performed to verify that the organization is ready for certification
  • Stage 2. Evaluation of implementation, including the effectiveness, of the management system of the organization
  • A certificate valid for 3 years is issued upon satisfactory results of stage 2 audit.
  • Surveillance audits to verify that the management system continues to fulfill the requirements of the standard and monitor the continual improvement.
  • Re-certification after 3 years to confirm the continued conformance and effectiveness of the management system as a whole.

Survey of Management Systems

Information sheet of Management Systems

Application model for Management Systems

Handling complaints and appeals

Transition policy 22000>2018


Ghidirimschi Ludmila, head of sector,

Sector of Management System Certification

Tel.: +373 22 218 489  

List of enterprises certified by CAMC MS CB according SM SR EN ISO 22000:
1. SA “Basarabia-Nord” – meat processing, production of meat preserves and products – C/CI, G/GI – SMSA 0014 – until March 11, 2019
2. SA “Bucuria” – manufacture and delivery of confectionery and pastry products – C/CIV, G/GI – SMSA 007 – until October 10, 2018
3. SRL “Mavita” – manufacture and delivery of sausage , meat products and semi-finished products – C/CI, G/GI – SMSA 0016 – until June 16, 2019
4. SRL “Fundatia-Prod” – manufacture of pasta. Packaging of common nuts and friable products – C/CI – G/GI – SMSA 0105 – until February 12, 2018.
5. ICS “Lapmol” SRL – product manufacture and delivery – C/CI – G/GI – SMSA 0115 – until July 07, 2020.

List of enterprises certified by CAMC MS CB according SM SR EN ISO 9001:
1. SA “Basarabia-Nord” – meat processing, production of meat preserves and products – 3/10.1, SMC- 0110 – until September 11, 2018
2. SA “Bucuria” – manufacture and delivery of confectionery and pastry products – 3/10.7, SMC- 0065 – until September 15, 2018
3. SA “Tutun-CTC” – import and industrial processing of tobacco. Manufacture and marketing of tobacco products, fermented and remade tobacco – 3/12,
SMC- 0116 – until August 14, 2020
4. IM “TOPAZ” factory SA – designing and producing control electronic systems, technological equipment, manufacturing parts for aircraft engines. – 17/25.9, 18/28.9, 19/27.9 – SMC-0085 until May 29, 2018.
5. SA “MOLDTELECOM” (list of locations on – providing services of electronic communications – 31/61 – SMC-0088, until September 15, 2018
6. SRL “DiNova” – import, keeping, delivery and marketing of food , chemical and housekeeping products – 29/46.7 – OC SMC -01 0107-15, until May 11, 2018
7. SA “SUPRATEN” – manufacture and delivery of finishing materials for construction field – 16/23.5 SMC-0113, until September 15, 2018
8. IM “47-th Parallel” SRL(list of locations on – purchase, keeping, wholesale and retail marketing of food and other products – 29/46.3/46.4 – SMC -0112, until September 05, 2018
9. SRL “UNIVERSINJ” – designing roads, highways, bridges, industrial and civil constructions – 28/42.1 – OC SMC-01 0100-14, until November 15, 2017
10. SRL “CHEMIX-GRUP” – manufacture and delivery of professional soaps, detergents and disinfectants – 12/20.4 – OC SMC-01 0101-14, until December 23, 2017
11. SA “BARZA ALBA” – manufacture and delivery of alcoholic drinks 3/11- SMC-0111, until September 15, 2018
12. SRL “Fundatia-Prod” – manufacture of pasta. Packaging of common nuts and friable products – 3/10.7 – SMC- 0105 – until February 12, 2018.
13. IS “Agricultural Informational Center” (list of locations on– maintaining and handling automatized informational systems from agro-industrial sector – 33/63.1 – OC SMC-01 0099-14, until November 05, 2017
14. FPC “COGILNIC” SRL – producing and delivery of beer, kvass, soft drinks and drinking water – 3/11, OC SMC-01 0102-14, until December 23, 2017
15. IS “Posta Moldovei” (list of locations on – reception, processing, dispatch and distribution of postal parcels (internal and international). Distribution of periodical editions. – 31/53.1 – OC SMC-01 0106-15 until February 23, 2018.
16. ICS “KNAUF-GIPS” SRL – extraction and realization of stone and plaster gravel. Production and realization of dry mixes on the basis of plaster and cement, ready construction mixes, plaster rough cast and polymeric adhesive, blocks of plaster. – 16/23.5 – SMC-0108 until September 15, 2018.