CMAC provides services of metrological verifications for legal measurement means used in national economy through Laboratory of metrological verifications (inspection body of type A), accredited according to SM SR EN ISO/CEI 17020:2013. (Certificate of accreditation LVM-008).

The Laboratory of metrological verifications (inspection body of type A) of CMAC is designated under the National System of Metrology for performing metrological verifications for measurement means used in the fields of public interest (Certificat of designation No. SNM MD 017/017:2015 from February 02, 2015).

Metrological subdivisions of the laboratory perform initial, periodical metrological verifications and after repairing measurement means.

Scopes of measurement: small size masses, large masses, volume, strength, thermometry, flow, pressure, electro-radio-technical quantities, electric quantities, frequency and time, acoustics, ultrasound, geometrical sizes and physical-chemical.

The laboratory has the capacity to perform works at the client, rendering production processes easier, thereby allowing for quicker service with significant reduction of stoppages.

CMAC offers to customers the ONLINE service granting the possibility to check at any moment the status of equipment verification and providing access to the respective Certificates and Reports.

The key steps of metrological verifications process for legal measurement means subjected to metrological control:

  1. Submitting the application at the Reception.
    For initial metrological verifications, at the moment of application it is necessary to present the copy of certificate of approval for the legal measurement means model (if this is mentioned in legal provisions) or the copy of Registration technical approval for import activity of legal measurement means with its annex, copy of customs declaration.
  2. Handing over the measurement mean to the laboratory. The laboratory has the capacity to perform works at the client. Measurement means must be presented undamaged, in good functioning \ with the last check-in bulletin and auxiliary devices required for metrological verification.
  3. For metrological verifications are established the following terms:
  • term of (5) five working days, once the payment for services was done (or on basis of guarantee letter) – when metrological verification is performed in the laboratory;
  • term of (10) ten working days, once payment for service was done (or on basis of guarantee letter) – when metrological verification take place at the customer

4. The result of metrological verification is recorded in a document, called – metrological verification bulletin.

NOTE: Services provided by metrological subdivisions of CMAC are initiated from the day of payment for service.

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