Testing Materials for Building and Roads

Research and testing laboratory for road and construction materials within of CMAC was created in 2007, and in 2011 is accredited initially at the technical competence.

The laboratory has implemented and maintains a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of SM SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2006 standard, which ensures the objectivity and veracity of tests, respecting all the commitments in relation to the customer and performs tests in full compliance with the requirements of normative documents.

In 2014, the laboratory is reaccredited by National Accreditation Center from Republic of Moldova (MOLDAC), being confirmed its competence for test laboratories performance (see certificate of accreditation No. LI-051).

The laboratory owns modern testing equipment and measurement means of highest level, spaces, that ensures testing performance in environment conditions stipulated in current standards, thus ensuring necessary precision, sequence, integrity of performed tests and measurements:

  • sample reception room
  • room for sample preparation
  • balance room
  • concrete testing room
  • asphalt mixture testing room
  • assemblies testing room
  • ground testing room
  • organic binder testing room
  • freeze-defrost testing room
  • mixing room for choosing asphalt compositions
  • asphalt concrete testing room
  • room for extracting bitumen from the asphalt mixture with recuperator
  • data processing room

The laboratory ensure the maintenance of test equipment and measurement means, calibration and periodic metrological verification.

Within the laboratory are working specialists with experience and competence in the field of testing, with a high level of qualification.

The intership and technical training of specialists was made in a modern laboratory from Bulgaria, according to European requirements, in order to learn and use advanced methods for determining characteristics (parameters) of the products subjected to certification, improving technical-material base, extending the interlaboratory exchange of information, respecting safety requirements.

At the same time, the laboratory researching the market of Republic of Moldova, in search of new solutions and technologies for assuring laboratory’s capacities development, in order to satisfy fully the needs of the beneficiaries.

The laboratory worked and continues to work with organizations from Republic of Moldova and from abroad: “STRABAG” S.R.L., „OHL ZS MO” S.R.L., „Delta MCM 93” S.R.L., ICS „ONUR SUMMA JV” S.R.L., „Pa&CO International” S.R.L., ICS”JV Gabriel Couto Amandio Carvalho Rosas Constructores”, ICS „Genesis international”, ICS „Toto Taddei”, MSF „Inginerie şi Construcţie” S.R.L., Pizzaroti Construction SM” S.R.L. etc.

The Agreement of Association with European Union, ratified through Law No. 112 from July 02, 2014, provides in art. 173 par. 1, that Republic of Moldova should make necessary arrangements in order to achieve step by step the conformity with Union technical regulations, standards, metrology, accreditation, conformity assessment, proper systems and market surveillance system and undertakes to follow the principles and practices established in Union relevant acquis.

The main objectives of the laboratory are:

  • to implement the EN standards, regulations in the field of testing roads and construction materiels.
  • to buy equipment that allow to do test performance according to European requirements and standards.
    to provide training for the staff regarding the implementation of EN standards.

The types of tests and methods used by the laboratory are mentioned in the annex to certificate of accreditation, as follows:

Service name: laboratory testing for industrial products, according to the scope of accreditation held.
Încercările de laborator se inițiază după achitarea serviciilor de către solicitant.

Service request: the application regarding service providing will be submitted by the applicant at the office of the laboratory (location: 162/a, Muncesti, Chisinau 2002).

Test laboratories are initiated after the applicant has paid the services.

Term of service providing depends on the category of products subjected to laboratory testing and methods used.


Elena Oxentii, Head of laboratory

Tel./Fax: +373 22 554 228