Training Center of CMAC was established in 2009. The center was founded as a practical education solution for the people who work in the field of metrology and quality management. It represents one of the main providers of training service in the field of metrology, quality management and conformity assessment in Republica Moldova.

Training Center designs his training programs in a way to enforce the practical side of the learning process. His concept is to become a center of excellence providing practical training through short courses at specific skill requirements of metrological sector and other field od quality infrastructure.


  • Courses and seminars in the field of metrology and quality management.
  • Develop training programs according to individual customer requirements.
  • Methodical and instructive recommendations regarding organization and implementation of legal metrology general and specific regulations and European standards.

Our services and products are the result of attitude through competence, professionalism and perseverance of the specialists and participants at courses/seminars organized by the Trining Center.

The advantages of participation to our training programmes:

  • to enrich the knowledge and skills in the field of metrology and quality management
  • to find the solution of issues

The program of courses/seminars for second half of 2017 year (see here).

Forms of training:

  • thematic training courses up to 72 hours
  • multidisciplinary training courses ranging from 72 to 500 hours
  • short-term specialized seminars (1-5 days)

Tematica instruirii:

  • Flow rate measurement
  • Electrical measurement
  • Measurement of mechanical sizes
  • Pressure measurement
  • Radiotechnical measurement
  • Thermic measurement
  • Volume measurement
      Quality Management Systems:


  • Quality management systems and medium, according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001;
  • Management systems of food safety according to SM SR EN ISO 22000:2006;
  • Informational technologies management systems.

Location of the Training Center: 162/a Muncesti Street, Chisinau

The training service can be provided at the clients.

Registration shall be made in writing (by letter, fax or email). The client shall receive a con‐ firmation of order and invoice upon the receipt of the registration.

Following the receipt of payment, the trainees of classroom events shall receive an invitation for the booked training.

The attendance fees and any and all payments to be made on the basis of agreements made between the Training Center and the client shall be due for payment by the client upon receipt of the respective invoice.

All course prices are given in MDL (lei).

Number of trainees for a training: minimum 10 – maximum 15

Terzi Alexandru
Head of Training Center
Tel. +373 22 218498
Lebedinschi Irina 
Tel/fax: +373 22 218520